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Dr. Eric Johnson: Twenty Steps to Koi Health Many of us use his book. Koi Health and Disease.

Jerry Hunter suggested these:

  • James the Koi Whisperer  This is a charming young man whose pond does not fit with the average English pond I have previously described,but his pond is beautiful. James has built his own version of filter items that he can't afford new. His back yard is so small that to reach his filters he has to lean out a window from the house! Yet he is in the process of building a bigger pond, with the current one still in place! James posts a new video about once a week and its been fun watching him try to commercialize his site with things you can buy to help finance his new pond.
  • Koi Diaries  Another interesting chap. Although Andy's current pond fits the typical English pond description, he's determined to enlarge his pond this spring. He's fun to watch. Posts weekly. 
  • Koi Pond Lifestyle  This fellow is fairly new to koi ponds but is learning fast. This guy tests products and gives you his opinion of the products. He is quite handy at making alterations to his filter system. Posts weekly. 
  • Dazzle Koi  This is another interesting fellow. He is very knowledgeable about our hobby and shares his feelings. He also tests various products. A good one to watch.
  • Rasta Koi  This is a very knowledgeable individual with some stunning koi. The Rasta man makes many trips to Japan and records his buying trips for all of us to enjoy.
  • Adam and louise's koi pond  Watch how an expert applies fiberglass to a pond  The ponds are cinder block, brick, wood or old concrete. He starts by lining the pond with sheets of foam lining about half inch thick. Eliminates the need to apply a render coat of cement to get a smooth surface for the fiberglass.
  • Visit to East Midland Koi Club 2019  See a UK koi club pond tour.
  • Quality Nishikikoi is another interesting channel to visit. This is the premier koi dealer and pond builder in England. The owner of this shop is Tim Waddington, the son of Peter Waddington, one of the first European to visit Japan just to buy koi. His is an interesting story, tell ya more in another article.

The list goes on and on. Spend an hour or two checking these out, it will address your need to see some koi.Other videos

Koi Pond Construction Tutorial, Courtesy of - The Pond Digger

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