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The Pikes Peak Water Garden Society in Colorado Springs

Plant Sale every spring, Pond Tour every summer.  Check it out! 

List of Plants Toxic to Pond Fish

Consider what you have planted around your pond, including mulch and rock types that could  adversely affect your fish!  

A few links about Water Quality, courtesy of PondInformer.com:

Guide to Koi Pond KH, Alkalinity, & pH Buffering

Guide to Koi Pond Water Hardness

Dr. Johnson's The 20 Steps to Koi Health
This small free electronic book will take you through 20 steps to help you care for your koi. A must read for all koi keepers

Following are links to various sites about Ozone generation and the use of Ozone for Koi ponds, Aquaculture, and other applications.  Most links include tool-tips... hover over the link to see.
Note: We do not know of any SOCOKOI club members that utilize Ozone systems; these Ozone-related links are provided as general information on the subject.
Ozone and its uses in Koi Keeping
Ozone Solutions, Ozone Journal
Ozone for Aquaculture, Koi, Fresh and Saltwater Marine Fish
Ozone generation involves high-voltage components, which must be properly designed and implemented for safe operation!  The following links provide technical data on Ozone generators:
Development of High-Voltage High Frequency Power Supply for Ozone Generation
Design and Analysis of an Ozone Generator System Operating at High Frequency with Digital Signal Controller (download only)

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